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captain underpants movie

A family of 5 reviews the Captain Underpants movie (in between fart jokes)

captain underpants movie

In case you’ve been living under a whoopee cushion somewhere, or found yourself in a 3-D-Hypno-Ring-induced trance, or simply don’t live with young kids who are totally into this sort of thing, we thought we should let you know…

There’s a Captain Underpants movie now.

That’s right, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie hit theaters this weekend, and our family was among the very first to check it out.

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Why ‘The BFG’ movie should be a BFD for your family – UPDATED!

This article was originally posted more than two years ago, on May 16, 2014 – as our family was just beginning to anticipate Steven Spielberg’s The BFG movie. Now that it’s finally out (and we’ve finally seen it), we’re back to tell you what we thought. Read the whole post below, or skip ahead to our update!

Did you hear the news that Steven Spielberg is slated to make a new movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s book The BFG? We did, and we are super excited about it.

"Go ahead, little girl. I'm all ears." - The BFG
Go ahead, little girl. I’m all ears.

The BFG is a delightfully adventurous story about a Big Friendly Giant with bad grammar and an interesting hobby of collecting dreams who befriends and adopts a little orphan girl. We read the book as a family several months ago, and we all loved it. Then we saw the whacked-out, old-school, basically-unwatchable-after-you’ve-been-spoiled-by-anything-from-Pixar 1989 cartoon version of the movie – and were collectively disappointed.

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The best Pre-Baby Bucket List you’ve ever seen


A funny thing happens when you have a kid.


Well technically, you don’t actually die, but a version of you sure does. It’s that version of you that thinks heading out to the bars at 11:30 pm is a good idea. The you that sleeps until noon every single Saturday. And the you that’s never more than a dare away from hopping in the car for a last-second road trip to Vegas.

Do you remember that you? If your answer is “Barely, because I have kids now and that old me is long since dead and buried,” we hear you. But if your answer is “Of course I remember – I just did all that stuff last week,” then you, our childless friend, are exactly who we need to be talking to right now!

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Get your game on with D+D at PBS!


The Doctor and the Dad are back with another article on the PBS Parents website, and this one’s all about the big game. No, we’re not talking about the Super Bowl, going rhinoceros hunting, or this ridiculous looking Samuel L. Jackson movie.

We’re talking about the games your family plays together as part of a fun and unforgettable Family Game Night – and all the really BIG benefits they can give your kids!

Read our article to learn about which games can help your kids in areas like:

Motor Skills
Academic Achievement
Problem Solving
And Emotional Well-Being

Or just watch that Samuel L. Jackson movie to see a little boy shoot a bow and arrow at an airplane or something.

If you like the other stuff we write, we think you’ll like this article too. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!

“Bringing Back Family Game Night” by Amber and Andy Ankowski


The top 3 reasons children’s bookstores are the best

Spoiler alert: They're gonna' kiss.
Spoiler alert: They’re gonna’ kiss.

Want to know why we think children’s bookstores are so great? Check out our top three reasons right here!


Children’s bookstores are filled with books. And books are pretty amazing for your kids’ language development, literacy skills, imagination and lots of other stuff.

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learning styles are as crazy as nic cage

Learning styles: fact or fiction?

What if we told you there was a secret code you could crack that would instantly improve your child’s learning skills?

You’d be pretty interested, right?

Then what if we told you there was a 200-year-old treasure map hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence, and that we had a foolproof plan to steal it and unravel all of our founding fathers’ greatest mysteries, and that we were Nicolas Cage?

learning styles are as crazy as nic cage

Clearly you would tell us we were crazy.

Well the truth is, we’d be crazy no matter which fantastical story we told you.

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our married life

How having kids changes your life – now in chart form!

So the Doctor and the Dad recently celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.

In addition to giving us a legitimate reason to go out and eat excessive amounts of delicious seafood, this also spurred us to look back at everything we’ve done together over the past nine years.

Know what we realized?

As of right now, we’ve been married with kids and married without kids for almost the exact same amount of time. To help you visualize this state of affairs, we prepared this chart:

our married life

This made us start wondering, how exactly has our married life changed since having kids? So we made another chart:

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