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  • Bringing Up Bookmonsters: New Book Available Now!
    Learn how to set your kids up for a lifetime of literacy, with no quizzes, timers or flashcards required!
  • Our new book – Goodnight Zoom – now available!
    Attention Doctor and Dad fans! We’re excited to share the news that we have a brand-new picture book for adults and kids, Goodnight Zoom, available for sale right now on Amazon! It’s a super-fun parody of the beloved children’s classic Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, but instead of a bunny rabbit saying goodnight to […]
  • We cannot recommend the Dr. Seuss / Dr. Dre mashup rap stylings of Wes Tank highly enough
    We just discovered Wes Tank, a guy who raps Dr. Seuss books over Dr. Dre beats…and it’s dope as hell. (Please don’t tell our kids we wrote that.)
  • Think Like a Baby parenting book now 50% off!
    NOTE: This article was originally posted on December 11, 2018. It’s been updated to include a NEW discount code for 2019. Enjoy! Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, birthday present or baby shower gift to buy a parent you know? Are you also looking to save yourself a little cash? Well […]
  • D+D on PBS: 7 Ways for Kids to Learn Empathy Through Acting
    Your child is soooo…dramatic! Whether those words come from a babysitter, a teacher or the judgy lady in line behind you at the grocery store, they’re usually the last ones you’d ever want to hear about your kid. But even if we just described your teary-eyed tantrum-throwing tyke to a tee, don’t worry! There’s another […]