Not-So-Easy Reader

Not-So-Easy Reader #1

Welcome to a brand new feature here at The Doctor + The Dad: The Not-So-Easy Reader! As parents, we always love to see our kids take an interest in reading and writing – since building those skills now can lead to greater success in school, work and overall happiness throughout their lives. The only problem?

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How ‘Draw Something’ taught our child to read

Plopping our kids down in front of a TV, computer or phone screen isn’t exactly our favorite thing to do. After all, too much screen time can slow language development, impede academic achievement and contribute to obesity. But our family has found that, given the right amount of parental supervision (and a little luck too), […]

Research For 'Rents

Get your game on with D+D at PBS!

The Doctor and the Dad are back with another article on the PBS Parents website, and this one’s all about the big game. No, we’re not talking about the Super Bowl, going rhinoceros hunting, or this ridiculous looking Samuel L. Jackson movie. We’re talking about the games your family plays together as part of a fun […]

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Is my kid becoming too competitive?

Today’s question might just be the very best question the Doctor + Dad have ever received. A competitive edge seems to have just popped up in my preschool-aged daughter and her buds. Like who’s the tallest, fastest, strongest, etc. What’s the deal with that? – Ashleigh Well Ashleigh, we know what you mean. Just like […]


Playtime! Activity: Add ‘Em Up

So your little ones want to play a board game, but you’d rather not expose them to the high fructose corn syrup fantasy world perpetuated by Candy Land, or to Trouble’s sexually suggestive “Pop-O-Matic” bubble? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, here’s a game you can let your kids play that will keep their souls innocent […]