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Think Like a Baby parenting book now 50% off!

NOTE: This article was originally posted on December 11, 2018. It’s been updated to include a NEW discount code for 2019. Enjoy!

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, birthday present or baby shower gift to buy a parent you know? Are you also looking to save yourself a little cash?

Well you’re in luck, because right now, our parenting book – Think Like a Baby: 33 Simple Research Experiments You Can Do at Home to Better Understand Your Child’s Developing Mind – is on sale for 50% off! Check out the deal link and promo code below.

Why is Think Like a Baby such a great gift?

This parenting book checks off everything that you – and the people you give it to – are looking for in a gift:

  • It’s useful – Think Like a Baby helps parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and childcare workers get inside kids’ heads like never before. It’s full of activities for you to do with the children you know that will give you tremendous insight into what’s going on inside their little brains at all different points of their mental, physical, emotional and social development.
  • It’s fun – Although the activities in the book are based on classic child development experiments that psychologists and researchers have used to learn about children for decades, they just seem like fun little games to kids!
  • It’s personal – When you give Think Like a Baby to somebody, you’re showing them you know just how much they love their kids, and just how much they want to help them grow and develop the best way possible. (You might also be showing them you know they love smart, nerdy, science-y stuff, too!)
  • It’s a gift that keeps on giving – The experiments in the book can be used to learn about kids from the time that they’re still in the womb, all the way to age seven and beyond.
  • It’s an experience, not just an object – And research shows that those can be the best things to spend money on anyway!
  • It makes their lives easierThink Like a Baby is packed with tips to benefit kids and parents. Following each experiment, readers get “Tips to Help Your Child,” for easy ways to promote children’s development in the specific area that the experiment covers, plus “Tips to Help Yourself” for advice about how to use what the experiment has taught them about children’s thinking to their own advantage.

By performing the simple experiments in Think Like a Baby, parents can:

  • begin bonding with their child before it’s even born
  • learn which baby gadgets are helpful, or potentially harmful
  • discover how to teach a two-year-old new words immediately
  • boost children’s social and emotional adjustment
  • test their child’s creativity, problem-solving skills and chances for future success
  • and much, much more

What about that discount?

From now through January 2, 2020, Chicago Review Press is offering Think Like a Baby (and all the other books they publish) at a 50% discount to authors’ friends and family like you. Just click the link above, then enter the code DECKTHESHELF at checkout!

Happy holidays! And happy parenting!

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