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How having kids changes your life – now in chart form!

So the Doctor and the Dad recently celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.

In addition to giving us a legitimate reason to go out and eat excessive amounts of delicious seafood, this also spurred us to look back at everything we’ve done together over the past nine years.

Know what we realized?

As of right now, we’ve been married with kids and married without kids for almost the exact same amount of time. To help you visualize this state of affairs, we prepared this chart:

our married life

This made us start wondering, how exactly has our married life changed since having kids? So we made another chart:

our sleeping habits

And some more charts:

average rating of movies watched

average location of movies watched

Oh, and these ones too:

how noisy it is at our house

how much poop is everywhere

And then we realized we were being super productive making charts, so we decided to make a chart about that:

our productivity vs our drunkenness

Look at that – having kids has made us so productive that we’ve ended up with a great, big mess of charts.

Which makes sense.

After all, that’s pretty much exactly what our house looks like these days, too:

what our house looks like


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