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Creative ways to communicate with kids

Communicating with your kids is super important. But it doesn’t always come easily. Check out this creative strategy one dad is taking to try to get through to his kids:

According to writer/director/leading dad Will Reid, this will be the “first in a series of instructional videos” for his kids.

That’s right.

Dude was so sick of his teenagers not listening to a single word he said, he had to post a freaking YouTube video just to get their attention. ((We noticed that this video also reveals where Will’s family weighs in on the Great Toilet Paper Debate, for those of you who are still keeping score.))

If you’re like us, and your little ones’ teenage years are still quite a bit ahead of you, the idea that you might have to resort to this kind of thing someday could be pretty frightening.

But try not to freak out just yet.

There are plenty of things you can do to help develop good lines of communication with your kids right now, before their hormones completely take over all their faculties.

1. Really listen.

Make your child feel like a valued conversation partner by really listening to his thoughts and feelings. If he feels like you’re listening to the small stuff now, he may be more likely to share the bigger stuff later.

2. Be responsive.

Always take your child’s attempts at communication seriously, no matter what her age. The more responsive you are, the more it encourages your child to speak (or try to speak). This can help boost your child’s language development, AND strengthen your relationship too!

3. Make time for conversation.

Life can be really hectic these days, so keep communication flowing by taking the time to check in with your child daily. We find that family dinners are a great time for this!

With some persistence on your part, and a whole lot of luck from the universe, perhaps – just perhaps – a few of the positive benefits from all this communication-strengthening may last all the way into high school.

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