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Little kids + big words = total awesomeness

Kids are scary smart these days, aren’t they? The “exasperated” kid’s mom certainly knows what we’re talking about:

It seems like almost every time we turn around, one of our miniature megaminds is surprising us by saying some crazy big word – like “disintegrate” from our four-year-old, or “booger” from her little brother. (Most of the time, they even use the words accurately!)

And it’s not just words.

They’re constantly coming up with inventive ideas, thoughtful explanations and questions that philosophers have been grappling with throughout the ages.

Just yesterday over breakfast, our sticky-faced daughter asked between big sloppy bites of waffle, “Was there a first person, who wasn’t made inside a mommy’s tummy?”

We tried giving her the most coherent explanation we could muster at the time – something about evolution, bible stories, dinosaurs and belly buttons – but our sleep-deprived brains and sheer flabbergastedness at the question left us struggling.

Fortunately we were saved by our son (whose entire body was covered in syrup by this point). He wisely changed the subject with the keen observation, “Water! Pterodactyl! Booger!”

Thanks, buddy.

How about you? What super-smart things have your kids been blowing your minds with lately?

One reply on “Little kids + big words = total awesomeness”

Wow! Love your ‘kid stories.’ I can picture myself right there at the table exasperated! I saw this video on TODAY yesterday and was AMAZED! I’d love to see his reaction when the NEW one is born—either way I am sure it will be Fantastic! BTW, the TODAY show is trying to get this Mom and her 2 kids on their show.

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