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Hello, ad that makes parenting a tween seem terrifying

Have you seen that “First Moon Party” video that’s making the rounds on YouTube right now? It’s a commercial for HelloFlo, this website that sends women care packages full of menstruation-related necessities every 28 days or so.

The ad is a well-shot, nicely acted story of a young girl who fakes her first period to fit in with her friends, and her diabolical mother who throws her a huge, hugely embarrassing puberty party to punish her for the lie.

Here’s the commercial, along with reactions from the Doctor and the Dad:

What the Doctor thinks

The most disturbing thing about this ad for me is how elaborate the party is. Color-coordinated decorations, fun games, live entertainment – all on theme.


This fake party puts my actual, painstakingly prepared parties to shame. First Pinterest shows me up and now HelloFlo does too. Thanks a lot, Internet.

As a mom, the second most disturbing thing about the ad is the idea that my daughter wouldn’t be able to talk to me about the changes that are (or aren’t) happening in her developing body. Even if she couldn’t talk to her friends about these things, I would hope that she would feel comfortable enough to be honest with me.

To help maintain healthy communication in your family, be sure to have frequent conversations with your kids. Everyday chats, like the kind that happen in the car or during family dinners, keep the lines of communication open so that when something major does come up, your child will feel more comfortable bringing you the news. Talk about all the little things, and these big things may not seem so big.

What the Dad thinks

I’m not ready for this. That girl is a tiny baby. She should not be physically able to procreate yet. My daughter is four. And it seems like she will be that girl’s age in about a week. This is disturbing. I can only think in abrupt bursts of sentences right now. I cannot un-furrow my brow. I need to go lie down. Ugh.

What do you think of “First Moon Party”? Post your comments below!

One reply on “Hello, ad that makes parenting a tween seem terrifying”

We totally agree with your opinions. Like you, we encourage parents/caregivers to have direct conversations with the parents/doctor during this sensitive time, and have been in existence for nearly 4 years helping to bridge the awkward gap that exists when young girls become young women. The video ad is definitely engaging and obviously viral because it takes a taboo topic and throws it over the top with humor. That formula rarely goes wrong in a sea of people looking for novelty. Rent Tent parties do exist here and in some countries around the world, but here in the States…just a fun idea to poke humor at.

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