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Magic Mom & Dad Moments

This is our third in a series of “Doctor and Dad” posts about research-based tips that can help make you the happiest parent possible. Check out our first and second articles here.

When you’re a hardworking, always-doing-something-for-somebody-else-but-never-for-yourself parent, magic moments can seem pretty rare. But when they do happen, they’re awesome.


One morning this week, our kids gave us the wonderful and elusive gift of sleep. Not only did both of our normally early risers wait until the alarm clock had an “8” on it before waking up, but once they did wake up, they didn’t immediately pummel us into consciousness with their usual list of demands.

You know, for stuff like food. And attention.

Instead, our 4-year-old daughter went into our 1 ½-year-old son’s room and climbed into his crib with him, where they proceeded to entertain each other for several minutes.

A brief moment of distress was quickly eliminated when the Dad went in and gave them a bin full of books. He returned to bed, the kids were quiet and contented, and the official, Semiannual Doctor and Dad Sleep-In-Palooza was officially on!

Which brings us to this dreamy little tip:

Secret to Being a Happy Parent #3:
Savor the Magic Mom & Dad Moments

Even though a parent’s job is never done, and it’s always possible to find something new to clean, teach or worry our responsible little heads about, remember to take a step back and enjoy yourself – especially when something truly magical is happening.

Researchers developed an app that collects a massive amount of data about how people spend their time – whether they’re living in the moment, or letting their minds wander – along with their corresponding level of happiness. Analysis of this data revealed that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. So make sure to let yourself live in these fleeting parenting moments, so that you, and the whole family, will be a whole lot happier!

(No matter how early in the morning it is!)

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