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Ask D+D: Why is your baby crawling funny?

Today’s question comes to us from just about everyone who has ever seen our one-year-old son scoot his cute little baby body across the floor.

Why is your baby crawling like that? Is this for real? What the H is going on here? I mean seriously, whaaaaaattt???
– Just About Everyone

Well, everyone, thanks for the question. So here’s the thing about crawling: babies do it lots of different ways.

A. Standard Crawling B. Hands-and-Feet Crawling C. Step-Crawl Mix D. Creeping E. Scooting F. Step-Scoot Mix Using Three Limbs

A. Standard Crawling  |  B. Hands-and-Feet Crawling  |  C. Step-Crawl Mix  |  D. Creeping  |  E. Scooting  |  F. Step-Scoot Mix Using Three Limbs

We think this chart of common crawling patterns, from Susan Patrick et al.’s research study on the subject, is great because it really helps you see the babies in action. Scan the rows from left to right, and chances are one of them will make you feel like you’re watching your little one all over again. (Our daughter used an “A” crawl. Our son with the crawl you all keep asking about? He’s an “F.”)

Percentages of pre-walkers of different types are hard to come by, but the best available evidence suggests that approximately:

  • 82% of babies are traditional crawlers (A, B or C)
  • 2% prefer a creep or roll (D)
  • 9% or so use a sitting method (E or F)
  • 7% skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking (which, if we’re being perfectly honest, sounds like something you’d expect to see in one of those weird, creepy Japanese horror movies)


A rusty mobile squeaks above an empty crib.

CUT TO a NEWBORN INFANT, head cocked to one side, walking slowly toward camera.


Everyone dies.[/scrippet]

And it turns out that the crawling method kids choose is related to the age at which they start walking. Kids that skip crawling altogether are the first to walk, traditional crawlers are next, and other non-standard scooters and creepers are last. (Sorry, son. Looks like statistically speaking, you’ll be on your bottom for a while. Which is actually great for Mommy and Daddy, because we think your strange Step-Scoot Mix Using Three Limbs could not be cuter.)


9 replies on “Ask D+D: Why is your baby crawling funny?”

Thank you SOOOOO much for writing this. I was scared because my son does the crawl-step mix and thought something was wrong as I’ve never seen this type of crawl before. My prior research led to other issues, but my son is a very alert and intelligent 10 mos. old.

Your comment gave me a relief. My son is 10 no as well. He uses the crawl-step crawl and I am worried. Would you mind sharing how is your son doing now? When did he walk?

April, we’re so glad that you can relax and enjoy your son’s wonderfully weird crawl! (We know we’ve enjoyed our son’s!)

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my son is also seems to do step scoot mix crawling. he is one year now and i am worried that he wont get any issue while he starts standing.

please suggest.

This was a great post. Our son is currently a D at almost 9 months old. It was nice to read that he won’t be walking before other traditional crawlers. We’re enjoying him not being able to walk yet. I want him to be a little guy forever haha .

Interesting! My 9 month old baby crawls like F but has started walking more than she crawls. My older daughter now 2 started off crawling like F but In just a few weeks started crawling traditionally and walked at 11 months.

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