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An Open Letter to an Overly Competitive Mom

Hey, you. Yes, you. The Overly Competitive Mom I saw at the children’s play place the other day. Remember me? I’m That Other Mom who was there all by herself, watching her kids. Well, technically I wasn’t so much “watching” as I was “frantically chasing” my 12-month-old daughter, trying to make sure she didn’t fall […]

Ask The Doctor and The Dad

Ask D+D: Why is your baby crawling funny?

Today’s question comes to us from just about everyone who has ever seen our one-year-old son scoot his cute little baby body across the floor. Why is your baby crawling like that? Is this for real? What the H is going on here? I mean seriously, whaaaaaattt??? – Just About Everyone Well, everyone, thanks for the […]

The Junk Drawer


Here’s this week’s highlight – and lowlight – for our about-to-be-one-year-old son:

Product Reviews

Product Review: Walkers

Here at The Doctor and The Dad, we’ve got a serious bone to pick with walkers. What kind of walkers, you ask? All of ‘em. So let’s get right to it. Baby Walkers