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Here’s why we’re having a Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving crafts
Our kids are thankful for art supplies, apparently.

As family and friends gather together for another Thanksgiving feast this year, there are countless reasons we should all give thanks:

Pumpkin pie, whipped cream, and a lot more whipped cream, to name a few.

But while we are deeply appreciative of those three extremely important items, they aren’t the only things our family is thankful for this year. In fact, here’s what everybody in our household said when we asked, “What are you thankful for this year?”

The Mommy

I’m thankful that our kids are such good friends and siblings to each other. And I’m also thankful to have Daddy, who helped me make, and continues to help care for all these tiny monsters.

The Four-Year-Old Son: Roar!

The Six-Year-Old Daughter

I’m thankful for my friends, my family, my cat and my home.

The Mommy and the Daddy: That’s really sweet, kiddo.

The Daddy

I’m thankful for fruits and vegetables, and t-shirts, and flip flops, and that my favorite sports teams actually win sometimes, and my bike, and my bike helmet, and that my family rarely complains when I sit down at the piano and attempt to sing Adele songs.

The Six-Year-Old Daughter: I’m thankful for fruits and vegetables too.

The Four-Year-Old Son

I’m thankful for poop and pee! And I am thankful for my home and food to eat.

The Doctor and the Dad: Do you know what happens to that food after you eat it?

The Six-Year-Old Daughter: It turns into poop and pee!

The Sixteen-Month-Old Baby

Bub ee yah.

The Six-Year-Old Daughter: Bub ee yah?


The Mommy and the Daddy: Who are you thankful for? Who do you love?

(Points to her Daddy, her Brother, her Mommy and her Sister.)

The Whole Family: Awwwww!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We hope you have as much to be thankful for as we do!

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