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Videos of babies stealing things

babies stealing things

All babies are thieves. It’s a fact.

Normally at the Doctor and the Dad, we like to cite scientific research studies to back up claims like this. But today, we don’t have to.

Because we have all the proof we need right here.

So put one eye on these shocking and alarming videos of babies stealing things right now – but be sure to keep the other one on your kleptomaniac little kid!

“My Baby sister Ran away with My phone”

This bouncing baby burglar has been getting lots of YouTube love lately. Check out that look of sheer, unadulterated glee on her face, and it’s easy to see why!

“Baby steals phone and runs away with twin sister while still recording!”

Ah, but that last kid isn’t the only phone thief to record her own getaway attempt. The dad discovering the footage at the end of this video is a particularly poignant Werner Herzog-ian, Grizzly Man-esque moment.

“Twin baby girls fight over pacifier”

Let’s hope Mom and Dad at least bought two carseats, right people?

“Baby hides dad’s credit cards in the vent”

At least this criminal has the courtesy to stash his loot in the same place every time. Our baby prefers to spread Mommy’s credit cards haphazardly all throughout the house.

“baby wearing shoes in her arms”

Ignore the obviously insane prepositional construction in the title. This video makes us want to grab a pair of moonboots and go clubbing!

“Cute funny baby trying on bra!”

The ladies-undergarments-as-choking-hazards Public Service Announcement begins right around 0:36.

“Baby and English bulldog – Baby steals toy from dog”

The video doesn’t show it, but we’re pretty sure the baby wasn’t the only one drooling on that ball just now. Gross.

“Baby runs away when caught doing something bad”

Good thing Mom showed up before this turned into a plastic-grocery-bags-as-choking-hazards Public Service Announcement.

“Parent steals baby’s beer, the baby is not impressed”

Well, well, well. It doesn’t feel so great when the “stealing things” shoe is on the other foot, now does it, kid? …Also, please don’t let your babies drink beer.

Know some videos of babies stealing things that we missed? Share ’em with us in the comments!

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