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Is your TIRED family as TIRED as our TIRED family is?

tired family

Here’s what happened when a totally tired family of five talked about just how tired they all were.

Summer vacation’s over, school’s back in session and families everywhere are wishing they could squeeze just a few more minutes out of their snooze buttons each morning.

The Doctor and Dad household is no exception. With a full-time first grader, a part-time preschooler and a baby who’s decided to drop her second nap way sooner than we’d have liked, we’re as busy as ever – and most definitely sleepy.

That’s why we decided to talk about just how tired we all were during one of our famous, dinnertime family debates! Check out some of the other stuff we’ve debated in the past here and here. Then read below to find out what happened when we asked our tired family:

“What is the most TIRED you have been in your whole entire life?”

tired family doctorDoctor: “Definitely right after I had my first baby. I was in labor and in pain for 40 hours – almost two full days – before the doctor finally took you out of my tummy!”

FAMILY RESPONSE: Dad says he knew Mom was a tough chick before, but that totally cemented it. Son stares disbelievingly. Big Sister says she likes it, apparently oblivious to the fact that she’s the one that put Mom through that tremendous ordeal. Baby Girl whimpers until Mom picks her up.

tired family dadDad: “Does every single day after Mommy’s answer count?”

FAMILY RESPONSE: Mom says, “Tell me about it. Being a parent is exhausting.” Big Sister laughs and says, “That’s funny.” Baby Girl reaches over and sticks her finger inside Daddy’s ear. Son says nothing, then when asked directly what he thinks, just yells, “Noooooo!”

tired family big sisterBig Sister: “I was the most tiredest I’ve ever been when I had to throw up, and I keeped getting up to throw up and I was awake for half the night.”

FAMILY RESPONSE: Doctor says, “Aww, I’m sorry babe, that’s no fun.” Dad says he believes her because he was the one who had to get up with her every time. Baby Girl points at Big Sister and says, “Owie.” Son mumbles something incoherent.

tired family baby girlBaby Girl: (Reaches for other people’s forks, water glasses and food. Finds one of her siblings’ used band-aids and sticks in onto her tummy.)

FAMILY RESPONSE: Everyone is charmed, but also a little grossed out.

tired family sonSon: (Says nothing, practically falls asleep at the table.)

FAMILY RESPONSE: Everyone assumes “right this very second” is apparently his answer. Doctor and Dad say let’s wrap this up and get to bed!


Even though this wasn’t our family’s liveliest debate ever, it certainly got us all thinking. (Mostly about going to bed, of course!)

So…what’s the most tired that your family has ever been?

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