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The LEGOLAND ads that remind us how much we love our children

We recently stumbled upon some LEGOLAND ads that really got us thinking about how much we love our kids.

(We also recently stumbled upon some actual LEGOS lying on the stairs that had the exact opposite effect on us. But that’s another story for another time, we suppose.)

Anyway, here are the ads we’re talking about:

legoland ads - bring her before it's too late legoland ads - bring him before it's too late

The ads make a lot of sense. If you’ve ever been to LEGOLAND like we have, you probably know that it’s designed with younger kids in mind. The rides, shows and other attractions are pretty perfect for little ones ages 3 to 12.

After your kids get much older than that, odds are they’ll be more interested in amusement parks with bigger, scarier roller coasters. Or the scariest rides of all (at least for us parents) – driving in actual cars with their friends.


While our family isn’t dealing with that particular milestone/crisis yet, we have been feeling like time has been going by way too quickly lately.

We’ve got one kid losing her teeth faster than a hockey player. Another one experiencing growing pains in his knees, and in learning how to always play nice in preschool. And a baby (who, even though we still call her a baby, is somehow almost two already) trying to call nap, meal and outfit shots like a boss.

So, LEGOLAND ads, we feel you.

We know that these adorable little loves of our life will be pulled off in all sorts of crazy directions before we know it. And we won’t always be invited to come along with them.

So parents, let’s make sure we take advantage of all the time we do have with our children, especially when they’re the ones asking us for it! Let’s read the same book to them five times in a row if that’s what they want. Let’s give them hugs, kisses and high-fives in public before it’s completely humiliating for them. And let’s take them on a great big trip to LEGOLAND!

Or at least get up out of our comfy chairs, get down onto the floor with them, and build something with LEGOS together.

Just maybe not on the stairs, okay?

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