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The Doctor and The Dad, and Martha Stewart too

The Martha Stewart website isn’t just a place to get insanely yummy-looking Nutella Hot Chocolate recipes anymore. (Seriously, wow. We are totally trying that one.)

It’s also a place to get awesome tips from your favorite parenting experts. That’s right, yours truly, The Doctor and The Dad, were interviewed for a super fun article on about how to have super fun family nights with your kids!

Check out the article to learn:

  • How having regular family nights will give your children memories that will last a lifetime
  • Why you should start a family night tradition when your kids are as young as possible, and continue having them as often as possible
  • Why it’s a good idea to ditch your electronics before family night begins
  • How family nights can be used for more than just sharing games and movies
  • And more!

We thought there’d be something in there about some of Martha and Snoop Dogg’s favorite things to do during their family nights, but no such luck. Please let us know if you find any info about that!

Anyway, when you’re ready to read the article, just wash your hands thoroughly, and then click the link below!

“How to Do Family Night Right” by Ariel Scotti

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