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D+D on PBS: How Important is Handwriting These Days?

Think about the last time you wrote something. Did it involve pencil and paper? Or fingertips and a phone screen?

In today’s digital world, we adults seem to be doing less old-school writing than ever before. But what would happen if we let our kids follow our lead, do all their writing on a device, and never develop good handwriting skills?

In a word, yikes. (Or in an emoji, 😬.)

If you’re wondering how pretty penmanship can possibly matter that much…

…then you need to read our newest article on the PBS Parents website!

It shows you how helping your kids develop handwriting skills right now can set them up for all sorts of successes in the future.

Read our article to learn things like:

  • 3 areas of life that good handwriting skills can improve for your child
  • 7 fun and effective ways to practice handwriting at home
  • 1 way to save a boatload of money on personal assistants
  • And more!

If the other stuff we write – like this website, or our stocking-stuffer-sized parenting book Think Like a Baby – make you feel like 😍, you’ll want to give this article a great big 👍, too.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out our new article now!

“How Important is Handwriting These Days?” by Amber and Andy Ankowski

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