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We’re writing a book

Us, writing a book.

So you may have noticed that the Doctor and the Dad have been writing fewer articles on our website than usual.

Or maybe you haven’t, since Facebook decided to stop sending out notifications of our new posts to most of our followers for some reason. (Anybody know what’s up with that? Weird stuff. If you want to make sure you get updates whenever we write something new, you should subscribe to our blog now, then add to your safe list, so we don’t end up in your spam folder!)

But we digress.

Anyway, the reason we’re writing less here is that we’re writing more of this other thing: a brand new parenting book that you and your kids are sure to love!

Our apologies to all of you who read that last sentence and immediately raced to your nearest bookstore with a whole bunch of book money burning a hole in your pockets. The book’s not available yet. And you probably won’t be able to buy it for over a year.

But our contract with Chicago Review Press says we need to finish writing it soon. So that (along with our two little bundles of insanity joy) is what’s keeping us extra busy right now.

We’ll fill you in on lots more details in the coming months. Until then, please keep reading, commenting, asking questions and saving up your book money.

And go ahead and reinforce your pockets.

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