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The LEGOLAND ads that remind us how much we love our children

We recently stumbled upon some LEGOLAND ads that really got us thinking about how much we love our kids.

(We also recently stumbled upon some actual LEGOS lying on the stairs that had the exact opposite effect on us. But that’s another story for another time, we suppose.)

Anyway, here are the ads we’re talking about:

legoland ads - bring her before it's too late legoland ads - bring him before it's too late

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kid joke korner

Kid Joke Korner: A Toy Story

kid joke korner

Welcome to another installment of Kid Joke Korner, where the punch lines are plentiful and the spelling is krazy kute!

Because joking around with your kids is seriously good for their development, we like to crack wise with our kiddos all the time.

Each Kid Joke Korner features a real joke set-up that one of our children made up, along with our family’s guesses as to what the punch line might be. See if you can figure out how each joke really ends – or share your own punch line ideas in the comments!

So without further ado, here’s today’s Kid Joke Korner kid joke, “A Toy Story,” as told by Our Four-Year-Old Son:
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pbs parents experiment

D+D on PBS: Why You Should Experiment on Your Child!

pbs parents - experiment

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids, right? That’s why you buckle them into their car seats, make them eat all their vegetables, and read plenty of parenting articles like this one. After all, if there’s something your babies need, by golly you’re going to give it to them!

There’s only one problem: it’s hard to always know what your children truly need…

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pbs parents experiment

D+D on PBS: Anatomy of the Perfect Toy

pbs parents - anatomy of the perfect toy

Toys. They’re everywhere these days. Although their natural habitat is a well-organized chest in your child’s room, they frequently migrate to places like the living room, kitchen table, the car, your bed and of course, directly under your feet in a dark hallway in the middle of the night.

What’s worse, new toys threaten to encroach upon your home environment all the time, as birthdays, holidays and random visits from grandma and grandpa often bring more and more of these parasitic playthings with them.

So how do parents like us know which of the thousands of toys out there are actually worth keeping (or buying in the first place)? Which ones will maintain our children’s interest, help them learn something, boost their problem-solving skills and inspire their creativity?

It isn’t as hard as it seems.

Just read our newest article on the PBS Parents website, and you’ll learn about five distinguishing characteristics that can help you spot the perfect toy in no time.

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What’s the best way to dine out with a baby?

I'll have what she's having.
I’ll have what she’s having.

Today’s “Ask The Doctor and The Dad” questions come from Pamela Brill, a writer who interviewed and quoted us in an article she wrote for the “Parent’s Corner” of the Rashti & Rashti website. Check out her article now, then read our complete answers to all her questions about going out to eat with kids below!

What types of supplies (meal and play items) should new moms pack when dining out with an infant? How about for a young toddler?

When your baby’s a newborn, going out to eat is surprisingly painless. That’s because at this point, your little one still sleeps a lot. So just bring the car seat in with you, set it up on the ground, on the seat next to you or in one of those special car seat holders that some restaurants provide (fancy!), and your infant will probably snooze through most of your meal. For maximum dining leisure, make sure to feed your baby shortly before you plan to be at the restaurant – because once your baby’s belly is full, it will be a whole lot easier to fill yours.

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Does your kid have too many toys?

Kids these days have too many toys.

It’s a fact.

Your kids, our kids, the kids who live next door, and the kids screaming their little heads off right in front of you in the checkout line at the toy store.

They all have way more toys than any of them actually need, and way more than they ever seem to be able to adequately pick up.

That’s why we parents are constantly finding them – not just with our eyeballs, but also with our bare feet when we’re walking down the stairs each morning (dangerous!), with our butts when we finally plop down onto the couch after suffering through another entirely-too-long bedtime routine (painful!), and with our car tires when we’re backing out of the driveway (awesome, since now we actually get to throw one of these things away!)

Given the sheer numbers of toys overwhelming us at every turn, it’s actually pretty surprising that only a couple of our kids’ toys are really, really bugging the crap out of us right now.

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