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Kid Joke Korner: A Toy Story

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Welcome to another installment of Kid Joke Korner, where the punch lines are plentiful and the spelling is krazy kute!

Because joking around with your kids is seriously good for their development, we like to crack wise with our kiddos all the time.

Each Kid Joke Korner features a real joke set-up that one of our children made up, along with our family’s guesses as to what the punch line might be. See if you can figure out how each joke really ends – or share your own punch line ideas in the comments!

So without further ado, here’s today’s Kid Joke Korner kid joke, “A Toy Story,” as told by Our Four-Year-Old Son:

Q: What’s a toy’s favorite place to be?

Here are our family’s guesses:

– Our Six-Year-Old Daughter

“In a toy box.”
– The Doctor

“In its mint-condition, unopened, original packaging, so as to fully maximize future resale value.”
– The Dad

“Toy Tom’s castle.”
– Our Six-Year-Old Daughter

(Holding a toy up to our faces proudly)

– Our 18-Month-Old Baby Girl

“In the middle of the floor at our house.”
– The Doctor

“If the toy is one specific, impossibly tiny and hard-to-describe LEGO piece that you, Son, just have to have right this very instant or else you will have an emotional meltdown of epic proportions, it’s favorite place to be is probably the very LAST place any of us will think to look.”
– The Dad

And here’s Our Four-Year-Old Son’s real answer:

A: In a Toyota!


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