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The ‘Muffin Top’ rapper loves it when you call her Big Momma

First, a bunch of 19th-century British children asked, “Do You Know The Muffin Man?”

Then Seinfeld and friends wished everyone a fond “Top of the Muffin to You!”

And now, mother of two Erin Keaney adds to this rich muffin-related entertainment tradition with the “Muffin Top Rap.”

Nice work, Erin. You’ve earned our Badass Mom of the Week award – and the competition was stiff, as Amber was taking care of two snot-filled kids’ faces, while also dealing with her own snot-filled face this week!

We love that Erin’s video encourages moms to wear their extra inches as a mothering badge of honor. And she’s also onto something when she says that doing so can teach our kids to be confident in their bodies.

Kids notice the way we talk and feel about ourselves, and they tend to follow our lead. Research shows that as early as elementary school, hearing more parent complaints about our increasingly flabby physiques and the pesky diets we go on to try to fix them is related to children’s negative views about their own bodies.

So knock that negative stuff off – just like you would a worthless, disgusting muffin stump.

Fun fact / shameless plug:

If all this muffin top talk has you hungry for more breakfast-themed literariness, you may be pleased to know that Andy once wrote 365 poems about onion bagels in 365 days. Before he had any kids to take care of. Obviously.

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