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D+D on PBS: Sharpening kids’ stress-relieving skills


Our latest article for the PBS Parents website is all about the best ways to help stressed-out kids learn to relax.

It starts like this (but we bet you can’t even imagine how it ends!):

As much as we’d like to believe our kids’ lives should be full of nothing but giggles, rainbows and carefree tickle fights with talking, animated forest creatures, that isn’t how childhood actually works.

In real life, kids stress out just like we do. And there are a variety of factors that can get them frazzled – things like schoolwork, conflicts with friends, and difficulty dealing with big emotions.

So what do you do when your kids are so under it and exasperated that they just can’t even? There are lots of ways you can try to help them…and the ones that work best might just surprise you!

Intrigued? Good!

Feeling completely stressed out yourself because you don’t already know this stuff and now you’re worried that your kids are going to grow up to be high-strung, tightly wound, brow-furrowing little balls of anxiety?

Then, um, you definitely need to read this article. Like now.

If you like the other things we write – like this blog, or our highly rated parenting book – you’re surely going to enjoy this article too. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!

“Sharpen Your Child’s Stress-Relieving Skills” by Amber and Andy Ankowski

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