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A Mother’s Day present from our kids


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend! And the Doctor and the Dad’s incredibly thoughtful children decided to give Mommy an amazing gift this year:

They wrote this week’s blog post for her!

From typing on the computer, to taking photos, to dispensing some truly sage parenting advice, our two-and-a-half- and four-and-three-quarters-year-olds have totally got this blogging thing figured out already.

So to all your mothers out there, please do what we’re insisting the Doctor does right now – sit back, relax and enjoy our kids’ post!

What our kids typed

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“This is about an artist that did really bad paintings.”
– The Daughter

Pictures our kids took

"Mommy and Daddy’s Wedding Photo" – by The Daughter
“Mommy and Daddy’s Wedding Photo” – by The Daughter
"Self in Mirror" – by The Son
“Self in Mirror” – by The Son

Advice our kids gave to parents out there, to help them take really good care of their children

THE DAUGHTER: To not give them very many treats…

THE SON: Maybe lollipops?

THE DAUGHTER: …and to make them clean up a little to help. And help them learn how to read. And help them learn how to write, too.

THE SON: And make them walk.

THE DAUGHTER: Make them not always get what they want because they always have enough.

THE SON: Make them sleep!

THE DAUGHTER: Yeah, make them sleep and get some energy!


Hope you sleep and get some energy this weekend, everybody!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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