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Happy Father’s Day from our kids!


In honor of Father’s Day, our five-year-old daughter and two-and-a-half-year-old son have generously volunteered to write this week’s post so Daddy could have some much needed time off.

So take some time off yourself and enjoy the post they typed, the pictures they took, and the wise and wildly entertaining parenting advice they decided to share with everybody!

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Read D+D at PBS!


This week, the Doctor and the Dad wrote an article for the PBS Parents website! It’s all about “household chaos” – how to identify it, how it can hurt your family, and how you can get it under control.

It’s full of interesting research, helpful tips, and interactive diagrams like this:

Connect the dots, parents!
Connect the dots, parents!

If you like the other stuff we write, we think you’ll like this too. So what are you waiting for? Break up your kids’ fight, turn down your eardrum-blasting TV speakers, put out the oven fire in your kitchen, and go check out the article!

“Why It’s Important to Control Household Chaos” by Amber and Andy Ankowski


A Mother’s Day present from our kids


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend! And the Doctor and the Dad’s incredibly thoughtful children decided to give Mommy an amazing gift this year:

They wrote this week’s blog post for her!

From typing on the computer, to taking photos, to dispensing some truly sage parenting advice, our two-and-a-half- and four-and-three-quarters-year-olds have totally got this blogging thing figured out already.

So to all your mothers out there, please do what we’re insisting the Doctor does right now – sit back, relax and enjoy our kids’ post!

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Two little kids read a parenting book … in their own words!

Haven’t gotten around to reading our parenting book, Think Like a Baby: 33 Simple Research Experiments You Can Do at Home to Better Understand Your Child’s Developing Mind yet?

Today’s your lucky day.

That’s because we’re giving you an exclusive reading of the book people are calling “super fun,” “fascinating,” “an easy read” and “the perfect baby shower gift!”

For the record, the reading’s not by us – it’s by our kids. And even though they make up nearly all the words they say in it, we still think it’s pretty darn good.

By the way, if you have read our book but haven’t gotten around to writing a review of it yet, please do! We’d love to hear what you think about Think Like a Baby on the Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads websites – and we’re sure our potential customers would too.

Thanks, everybody!

You’re the best!


Contrary to popular belief, writing a book is NOT AT ALL the same as having a baby


Writing a book is a pretty cool accomplishment. And if you’ve actually demonstrated the compassion and commitment it takes to pen 200-plus pages of somewhat sensical material on a single topic, you have every right to be proud.

So tell your family and friends. Tweet it to all your followers. Go on a talk show, shout it from the top of a mountain, spray paint it on the side of your car or hire a professional skywriter if you want.

Just please don’t compare it to having a baby.

People who’ve written something big seem to do this all the time – equating the oh-so-tortuous writing process to the act of giving birth. Or referring to the finished book itself as my baby.

But we’re not down with that.

Because now that we’ve done both things – having babies twice (with a third on the way) and writing our awesome new parenting book Think Like a Baby (which is officially on sale now!), we can tell you that these two experiences are NOTHING alike.

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Meet the Doctor and the Dad!

doctor and dad events

Wish you could stop peeling apple slices and picking up toys for like five minutes? Want to get out of the house and actually talk to some other adults for once?

So do we.

That’s why we’re planning a whole bunch of fun and informative events for parents, book lovers and Doctor and Dad fans like you – and we’d love to see you at all of them!

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The First Annual Doctor+Dad Family Awards!

When you’re a parent, simply making it through the week often feels like a reason to celebrate. So when you actually manage to survive an entire year, it’s time to start handing out the awards.

That’s what we’re doing right now – commemorating some of our family’s favorite, funniest and most foolish moments from our past 365 days together.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re honored to present you with the winners of the first annual Doctor+Dad Family Awards!

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