Ask The Doctor and The Dad

Should I take time off work after having a baby?

Today’s “Ask the Doctor + the Dad” question is our easiest one yet: After having a new baby, should I take some time off from work? Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company, or writing a parenting blog just like this one, we say, without any hesitation at all – YES!!! (See you all next week!)

Research For 'Rents

Childbirth, drugs and rock n’ roll

Our third baby is due to be born this weekend, so understandably, pain is on The Doctor’s mind right now. Fortunately, a recent study from Northwestern University suggests a new method for treating it. This treatment comes with no dependency issues or side effects, and it doesn’t involve sitting on a rubber glove full of […]

The Junk Drawer

Contrary to popular belief, writing a book is NOT AT ALL the same as having a baby

Writing a book is a pretty cool accomplishment. And if you’ve actually demonstrated the compassion and commitment it takes to pen 200-plus pages of somewhat sensical material on a single topic, you have every right to be proud. So tell your family and friends. Tweet it to all your followers. Go on a talk show, […]