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Playtime! Activity: Add ‘Em Up

So your little ones want to play a board game, but you’d rather not expose them to the high fructose corn syrup fantasy world perpetuated by Candy Land, or to Trouble’s sexually suggestive “Pop-O-Matic” bubble? We’ve all been there.

Thankfully, here’s a game you can let your kids play that will keep their souls innocent – yet give their math skills some serious experience.

Add 'Em Up Game
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How science can help you steal your kid’s Halloween candy

First off, let us just say that we know your kids are really smart. They’re basically geniuses, right? That thing that your son/daughter said the other day? It was both adorable and incredibly insightful about the human condition. Definitely Facebook-worthy.

An innocent little angel being completely misled by her mother.

But be that as it may, your kids are still kids. And a lot of times, kids are easy to trick. (Which works out great for you on days when their inherent cuteness has allowed them to acquire their approximate weight in miniature pieces of chocolate.)

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Playtime! Activity: Block Party

Tired of your kid’s same old “build a tower, then immediately knock the tower down” routine? Add this simple twist to your usual block-stacking activity, and it becomes fresh, fun and educational, too!

Who It’s For: Kids ages 1–5
What They’ll Learn: Counting skills, motor skills, measurement, comparison, how gravity works
What You Need: Whatever kinds of blocks you have handy – Legos, Duplos, those cardboard ones that look like bricks, or some straight-out-the-old-school wooden ones

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Playtime! Activity: Play With Your Food

Who It’s For: Kids ages 1 to 5 years
What They’ll Learn: Motor skills, shape recognition, color comprehension, number knowledge, letter knowledge, pattern recognition
What You Need: Fishy crackers, fruit snacks (or any other fun, bite-sized foods you can play with)

Think snacks are only good for helping your children avoid starvation in between meals? Think again. Here are six ways you can use a handful of fishy crackers to totally school your kids.

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