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Benjamin Chaud's The Bear's Song

Kids Book Review: The Bear’s Song

Benjamin Chaud's The Bear's Song

Our family loves the library. For us, there are few things better than setting the kids loose at the entrance of the children’s section, and letting them gather sacks and sacks of as many books as their tiny arms – and library card limits – can hold. Sure, we wind up having to carry most of those big, heavy stacks of books ourselves, but it’s worth it. Especially when the kids come home with a real treasure…

Which is exactly what they found in Benjamin Chaud‘s The Bear’s Song.

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think inside the box experiment

Read a free chapter from ‘Think Like a Baby’

think like a baby book cover ankowski

It’s The Dad’s birthday! And since we’re in a celebratory mood, we’re giving all of our readers a gift: a free excerpt from our very own highly rated parenting book, Think Like a Baby: 33 Simple Research Experiments You Can Do at Home to Better Understand Your Child’s Developing Mind.

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pouting girl at dinner table

Five things never to say at the family dinner table

pouting girl at dinner table

If you’ve spent much time on our site, you may know that we’re big fans of the good old fashioned family dinner. When your family regularly sits down to distraction-free, conversation-filled meals, your kids really come out ahead.

But what should your dinnertime conversations be about?

We used to think pretty much anything was fair game…until we read Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater: A Stage-by-Stage Guide to Setting Your Child on the Path to Adventurous Eating by pediatrician Dr. Nimali Fernando and children’s food coach Melanie Potock.

And now we know that the following five phrases are serious dinnertime DON’TS. (Full disclosure: Some of these might be tougher to stick to than others!):
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Book Review: ‘Last Night I Had a Laughmare’ by J.E. Laufer


We’re reviewing gifts this holiday season! We’ve already told you about the best and second best gifts for parents ever, and now we’ve got a one for the kids in your life. Last Night I Had a Laughmare, written by J.E. Laufer and illustrated by Jeff Yesh, is a whimsical, rhyming story about a fantastical land called “Gigglyville.”

Laufer was inspired to write the book when she woke up one morning laughing in her sleep. She called it a “laughmare” and created a dreamland that would leave kids laughing too.

Our family has visited Gigglyville many times now, and here’s what we each had to say about the book:

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D+D on tour


This week, the Doctor and the Dad are experiencing life on the road.

That’s right, we’re heading to the Fairview Branch of the Santa Monica Library for a Thursday evening book talk and signing, then we’re packing everything up and heading all the way across town for another book talk and signing at Flintridge Books in La Cañada on Saturday.

Two events. Thirty miles apart. In just three days.

It’s a real grind, people.

But you know what’s going to help us get through it? Knowing that we get to see your beautiful faces when we get there. (Yes, we’re talking about you, Gorgeous.)

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