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D+D on Deadspin: How to Fly with Young Children


You know that feeling you get when you pack some bags, grab your kids, and head to the airport brimming with confidence that your entire family flight experience will be easy, effortless and enjoyable?

Of course not. No one does. Because that feeling does not actually exist.

But if you’re planning on flying with young children at some point in your life, you owe it to yourself to read our new article on Deadspin’s Adequate Man website!

It’s full of useful tips that can help minimize the horribleness of taking your children on an airplane with you. Also, there are jokes.

Because if you’re actually thinking about attempting to fly anywhere with your kids, you’re going to need a sense of humor.

Here’s how our article starts:

It is a known fact that flight attendants are among the perkiest, cheeriest, bubbliest human beings on the planet. But have you ever wondered why?

It isn’t because extreme happiness is essential to their nature, or because they’re downing tiny bottles of Pinot Grigio in the lavatories. No, it’s the simple fact that they never, ever, never ever bring their children onboard with them.

So there’s your secret to truly relaxing air travel, parents: Leave the kids at home. But you already screwed that one up, right? Well, don’t worry. Because if you listen carefully, it turns out those chipper and childless flight attendants are telling you everything you need to know about making flying with young children as painless as possible.

Interested in reading more? You should be. Go check out the full article now!

“How to Fly With Young Children” by Amber and Andy Ankowski

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