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Why ‘The BFG’ movie should be a BFD for your family – UPDATED!

This article was originally posted more than two years ago, on May 16, 2014 – as our family was just beginning to anticipate Steven Spielberg’s The BFG movie. Now that it’s finally out (and we’ve finally seen it), we’re back to tell you what we thought. Read the whole post below, or skip ahead to our update!

Did you hear the news that Steven Spielberg is slated to make a new movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s book The BFG? We did, and we are super excited about it.

"Go ahead, little girl. I'm all ears." - The BFG
Go ahead, little girl. I’m all ears.

The BFG is a delightfully adventurous story about a Big Friendly Giant with bad grammar and an interesting hobby of collecting dreams who befriends and adopts a little orphan girl. We read the book as a family several months ago, and we all loved it. Then we saw the whacked-out, old-school, basically-unwatchable-after-you’ve-been-spoiled-by-anything-from-Pixar 1989 cartoon version of the movie – and were collectively disappointed.

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What the Super Bowl means to our family


Here’s what happened when a family of five reflected on the true meaning of this country’s most celebrated sporting event.

Another Super Bowl is nearly upon us. And folks young and old are all scrambling to get ready for the big game.

The Doctor and Dad household is no exception. But before we kicked off this year’s festivities, we thought it might be nice if we and the kids took a few moments during dinner to thoughtfully discuss what exactly this Super Bowl thing is all about.

Sound like a nice topic for a good, old-fashioned family debate? We thought so too. So here’s what happened when we asked our family:

“What does the Super Bowl mean to you?”

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How ‘Draw Something’ taught our child to read


Plopping our kids down in front of a TV, computer or phone screen isn’t exactly our favorite thing to do. After all, too much screen time can slow language development, impede academic achievement and contribute to obesity.

But our family has found that, given the right amount of parental supervision (and a little luck too), kids’ screen experiences can be fun, helpful, or educational…

…sometimes in ways you’d never expect!

Case in point:

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Playtime! Activity: Riddle me this


Remember trying to solve riddles back when you were a kid? No, not the riddle of how to tease your bangs taller than Lisa Turtle’s or how to do that two-man Kid N’ Play dance without falling flat on your face.

We’re talking about those brain-bending word puzzles that force you think about a problem from more than one angle – and sometimes for more than one day – until eventually, enlighteningly, you finally figure them out.

Now that you’re a parent, you can get a whole new perspective on riddles. Because riddles are not only amusing mental games – they’re also a great way to get into your kid’s head!

Who It’s For: Kids ages 3 and up

What They’ll Learn: Problem solving, flexible thinking, how to be playful with language

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7 lessons our kids learned from ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’

“Take Your Child to Work Day” can be a truly enlightening and educational experience for kids in grade school all the way up through high school.

By witnessing what goes on inside a real workplace environment, these maturing young minds can see how adults contribute to society, understand how their schooling is preparing them for a career, and begin to get an idea of what they might want to be when they grow up.

But for two- and four-year-olds like ours, those kind of realizations go way over their miniature little heads.

So here are the top 7 lessons our kids actually learned by hanging out at Daddy’s ad agency job for “Take Your Child to Work Day” – enjoy!

Meetings are usually boring.

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Why your kid should be a teacher (today!)

teachersarelearners1We’re constantly teaching our children new things, aren’t we?

We teach them the alphabet, the correct way to pet the cat, how to drive a car (gulp!), which sports teams to love and hate, how to replace the empty toilet paper roll for once in their frickin’ lives, and countless other bits of information that are vital to their – and your – survival.

And we usually do all these things in a really straightforward way:
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