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Do vasectomies always work?


Today’s “Ask the Doctor and the Dad” question hits close to home. Really, really close to our suddenly-getting-really-crowded home:

“Do vasectomies always work? I mean, I’ve heard that they’re pretty reliable, but it’s not 100% guaranteed you’ll never have a kid again just because you got a vasectomy, right?”
– Somebody Wiser Than Us Apparently

Well, Somebody, that’s a complicated question to answer.

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Kid-Friendly Song Lyrics: Escape (The Piña Colada Song)


By the time you get to be an adult, you probably have thousands upon thousands of song lyrics bouncing all around inside your brain. And every so often, you might want to belt a few of those lyrics out.

Normally, this isn’t a problem.

Singing in the shower or rockin’ out with the car radio are some of the most widely relatable human experiences we have. Everybody does it – including us parents.

But what happens when the song you’re itching to sing is full of adults-only lyrics – featuring sex, drugs and rock and/or roll – yet your sweet, innocent, adorable, little angel baby is sitting right beside you?

Earplugs are certainly an option. But we don’t think it’s your best bet.

We say you should be able to sing whatever songs you want in front of your kids – you just have to clean up the dirty parts first!

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Husband first or kids first

Picking husbands first OR kids first is the absolute WORST!

Husband first or kids first

Pop quiz, moms…

Who comes first: your husband or your kids?

Think that’s a strange question? Well, so do we. (More on that in a sec.)

But multiple blogs have been written by lots of different people vehemently arguing one side or the other. “Husbands First or Kids First?” is one of those annoying debates that shows up in your social media feed several times a year, yet never gets close to being solved. It’s like a canker sore. It flares up suddenly, you’re not entirely sure what caused it, and it’s always painful.

And now we’re bringing it up too. (Sorry about that.)

But the good news is we’re not doing this to pick sides. We’re doing it to call out exactly what this debate is: complete and utter nonsense.

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What it’s like to live-tweet a vasectomy

Now that The Doctor has spent a solid 27 months of her life carrying and delivering three adorable little babies for our family, last Friday marked The Dad’s turn to finally take one for the team.

So he got a vasectomy.

And as a public service to all the dads out there who might be wondering, “What is getting a vasectomy really like?” – he decided to live-tweet the whole thing.

In case you missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime Twitter party as it happened, here’s a recap of how @DoctorAndDad‘s #VasectomyLiveTweet went down. Keep reading to see everything The Dad posted that day, plus get some exclusive, behind-the-scenes info from him that’ll show you the full story of what really happened – between the tweets!

Here’s what happened when I decided to live-tweet my vasectomy (by The Dad)

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Do sex talks come too soon?


Believe it or not, there was a time in this country when modestly dressed mothers and fathers would wait to teach their well-mannered children about “the birds and the bees” until they were in high school, or about to be married, or maybe never. These days, however, parents are apparently supposed to launch right into a super-graphic Sex Ed session as soon as Junior gets potty training down.

Or at least that’s what you might think after watching’s “Parents Talk to Their Kids About The Birds and the Bees for the First Time.”

If you haven’t put yourself through this 4 minute and 45 second parenting nightmare yet, you can check it out right here:

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Hello, ad that makes parenting a tween seem terrifying

Have you seen that “First Moon Party” video that’s making the rounds on YouTube right now? It’s a commercial for HelloFlo, this website that sends women care packages full of menstruation-related necessities every 28 days or so.

The ad is a well-shot, nicely acted story of a young girl who fakes her first period to fit in with her friends, and her diabolical mother who throws her a huge, hugely embarrassing puberty party to punish her for the lie.

Here’s the commercial, along with reactions from the Doctor and the Dad:

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Making Mardi Gras family friendly

Mardi Gras before baby
Mardi Gras before baby
Mardi Gras after baby
Mardi Gras after baby

Mardi Gras is a special time for the Doctor and the Dad, because it marks the anniversary of when (and where) we first met. Although it turned out that we were living in college dorm rooms about fifty yards away from each other at the time, it took each of us making a 1,000-mile road trip to New Orleans with separate groups of friends for us to meet on Bourbon Street.

We know what you’re wondering – did we exchange beads (wink, wink)?

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