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The First Annual Doctor+Dad Family Awards!

When you’re a parent, simply making it through the week often feels like a reason to celebrate. So when you actually manage to survive an entire year, it’s time to start handing out the awards.

That’s what we’re doing right now – commemorating some of our family’s favorite, funniest and most foolish moments from our past 365 days together.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re honored to present you with the winners of the first annual Doctor+Dad Family Awards!

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Mom and Dad, Moment Collectors

The other day a friend of ours told us something really beautiful about his relationship with his teenage son. He said that as his child gets older, he feels more and more like a “moment collector,” gathering and cherishing as many memories as he can of all of the precious moments they get to spend together.

We think this is an amazing way to look at parenthood.

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Magic Mom & Dad Moments

This is our third in a series of “Doctor and Dad” posts about research-based tips that can help make you the happiest parent possible. Check out our first and second articles here.

When you’re a hardworking, always-doing-something-for-somebody-else-but-never-for-yourself parent, magic moments can seem pretty rare. But when they do happen, they’re awesome.


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