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D+D on PBS: Inspiring Your Child’s Imagination

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Has your child ever flown a unicorn right out of the house? Forged a peace treaty with thimble-sized aliens? Or become the first person to open a fast casual fondue restaurant on the moon?

It’s all possible…with a little imagination.

And helping your kids develop some super-powerful imagination skills is what our newest article on the PBS Parents website is all about!

Read this article to learn lots of useful, science-based stuff about the importance of imagination, including:

  • Five ways kids benefit from exercising their imaginations
  • Seven ways to help your kids exercise their imaginations
  • One food we’d imagine would make you want to exercise a LOT after eating

Spoiler alert: it’s a s’monut.

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So what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!

“Inspiring Your Child’s Imagination” by Amber and Andy Ankowski
for pbs.org

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