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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here are a few things that the Doctor and the Dad’s family is thankful for this year:


Our three-year-old daughter told us that she is thankful for books. We’d be more thankful if we actually had enough shelf space to hold said books, as they seem to be multiplying and completely taking over our house more and more each day.


Our one-year-old son hasn’t mastered the conversational skills required to discuss feelings like thankfulness quite yet. But we’re pretty sure he’s thankful every time someone gives him a boost up onto the couch. That’s totally his favorite right now.


We’re thankful for those two amazing kids we just mentioned, for all of you awesome people out there who read, comment, follow, like, or ask us questions about this site, and for adorable baby behavior everywhere (even when it’s exhibited by fully grown adult men).

One reply on “Thanks!”

I’m so thankful for the chance to learn about old friends’ new achievements that make perfect sense with your personalities—like how you’ve become parents and also have the smarts to use your doctoral, communication and caring skills to help others be great parents. So proud of D + D!

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