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Seven ways to avoid getting hangry at your kids

Hangry Chris Farley
What The Doctor has felt like multiple times this week.

You know how sometimes every single person around you is totally getting on your nerves? Your kids, your spouse, that driver in front of you…they’re all jerks, right? And so if you decide to snap and go off on them a little (or a lot), it’s 100% justified, because everybody really, really deserves it.

Or so you thought.

Because sometimes, it turns out that all those feelings were not the result of the whole world being out to get you – they were just you being hangry. You know, hungry + angry = you lashing out at everyone for no good reason.

And the worst part is that when you’re in the throes of a hangry fit, you have no idea that you’re erupting because of your light-headed, disorienting hunger. But the minute you get some food inside you, you have the sudden, uncomfortable realization that it was actually you being the jerk the entire time.


Getting hangry can be especially regrettable when you’re a parent, since the odds are good that at least some of your wrath was focused all over your unsuspecting, innocent (at least this time) kiddos. Which means your hangry episodes will inevitably be followed by a hefty dose of parental guilt.

Amber’s sure were this week. …Sigh.

So before you let your blood sugar get too low while taking care of everybody else again, let’s take a moment to remember that we parents have to take care of ourselves too. It shouldn’t be that hard. Just treat eating like oxygen masks on an airplane – get yours first, so that you’re able to help out the kids with theirs. And be sure to read these:

Seven easy ways to avoid getting hangry at your children

01Wake up a few minutes early so you have time to cook you and your family a delicious breakfast, featuring items like eggs, toast and adorable little ramekins full of fresh fruit.

02Or once you realize that is completely impossible, find a banana bread or oatmeal chocolate chip muffin recipe that you know your kids will eat, then make a double (or triple) batch of it on the weekend so it’s easy to grab a quick breakfast all week long.

03Sneak some Cheerios out of your toddler’s snack trap. If he catches you, turn it into a valuable lesson about the importance of sharing.

04During one of your much-needed visits to the coffee shop, notice that in addition to providing you with giant vats of liquid caffeine, they also sell several actual food items.

05During one of your much-needed “Mommy needs a glass of wine” breaks, notice that wine tastes pretty good with cheese.

06Eat that completely smashed breakfast bar that is bound to be hiding at the very bottom of your mom bag. When you’re starving, texture is overrated.

07Take a bite of food each time your kids ask you for something – you’ll be full forever!

There you go, folks. Now go eat something. And be sure you take care of yourself in all the other ways that will help you be happy, healthy and here for your family. Because you deserve it – and your kids do too!

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