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Kid Joke Korner: A Crumby Conversation


Welcome to Kid Joke Korner, where the punch lines are plentiful and the spelling is krazy kute!

Because joking around with your kids is seriously good for their development, we like to crack wise with our kiddos all the time.

Each Kid Joke Korner features a real joke set-up that one of our children made up, along with our family’s guesses as to what the punch line might be. See if you can figure out how each joke really ends – or share your own punch line ideas in the comments!

So without further ado, here’s today’s Kid Joke Korner kid joke, “A Crumby Conversation,” as told by Our Five-Year-Old Daughter:
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An ‘Interview with a Toddler,’ with a good lesson for parents

The Doctor and Dad family has been sick with the stomach flu all week, so we’re keeping things light (much like the only food we can keep down at the moment).

We invite you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the best kid-related comedy we’ve seen in a while:

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Playtime! Activity: Riddle me this


Remember trying to solve riddles back when you were a kid? No, not the riddle of how to tease your bangs taller than Lisa Turtle’s or how to do that two-man Kid N’ Play dance without falling flat on your face.

We’re talking about those brain-bending word puzzles that force you think about a problem from more than one angle – and sometimes for more than one day – until eventually, enlighteningly, you finally figure them out.

Now that you’re a parent, you can get a whole new perspective on riddles. Because riddles are not only amusing mental games – they’re also a great way to get into your kid’s head!

Who It’s For: Kids ages 3 and up

What They’ll Learn: Problem solving, flexible thinking, how to be playful with language

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Playtime! Activity: Gettin’ Jokey With It

Orange you glad we included this picture?
Orange you glad we included this picture?

Think helping your child learn something always has to be serious business? A priest, a duck and a sandwich walking into a bar would totally disagree. Try this awesomely addictive activity with your family, and your kids will be cracking wise – and getting wise – before you know it!

Who It’s For: Kids ages 4 and up (plus their younger siblings, if they’re into it like ours)

What They’ll Learn: Language, memory, creativity

What You Need: A sense of humor, or if you don’t have that, a book of kids’ jokes that you found for like five bucks in that weird “gift items” aisle nobody ever goes down at the grocery store

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Your kid talks funny, but not for long

In our last post, “Why mispronouncing words is good for your kid,” we talked about how flubbing up all sorts of speech sounds is a totally normal part of your child’s language development.

We even showed you this pretty cool chart that lets you know at which ages many common mispronunciations tend to disappear:


What did we tell you? Pretty cool, right?

Then we discovered a couple of really funny posts over on the Mommy Shorts blog featuring a whole bunch of words that have been “totally butchered by toddlers.” And that made us think that our handy-dandy chart would be the ideal tool for figuring out exactly when each of those adorably erroneous kid-ism would sadly be lost, forever replaced by the boring old correct pronunciations we adults have all mastered.

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Why mispronouncing words is good for your kid

Kids say the darnedest things. And when they’re still little, they usually say the most poorly enunciated things too.

pasghettiandmeatbulbsThe guy who wrote all those Family Circus comic strips back in the day made his entire living off this fact. Pasghetti and meat bulbs? Sounds like the perfect punch line to me!

But sometimes parents get a little stressed when their young kids mispronounce the words they’re trying to say, thinking that these errors are abnormal or that they might be warning signs of a permanent speech impediment.

If that sounds like you, you can probably relax. Odds are, you have nothing to worry about.

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