Mom and Dad, Moment Collectors

The other day a friend of ours told us something really beautiful about his relationship with his teenage son. He said that as his child gets older, he feels more and more like a “moment collector,” gathering and cherishing as many memories as he can of all of the precious moments they get to spend together.

We think this is an amazing way to look at parenthood.

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A four-year-old reacts to ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’


All the Peanuts holiday TV specials came out approximately forever ago. So for grownups like us who have seen them a good thirtysomething times by now, they’re not particularly new or exciting anymore.

Unless you watch them with your kids, of course.

When our family checked out “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” together a couple weeks ago, the results were about as adorable as they could be. So we decided to do it again.

Here’s how our four-year-old daughter Sammy (and her two-year-old brother Freddy) reacted when they watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for the very first time:

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Your Elf on the Shelf is out to destroy you

3 facts that prove your Elf on the Shelf is out to destroy you

Your Elf on the Shelf is out to destroy you

Ah, the holidays are upon us. This probably means that a magical little Elf on the Shelf has returned from the North Pole to put smiles on your kids’ faces, and the joy of Christmas in their hearts.

Not to mention a great big frigging knife right in your back.

That’s right. Your Elf on the Shelf is trying to kill you. Don’t believe us? Don’t be so naïve. Your elf has it out for you, just like ours has it out for us.

And here’s all the proof you need:
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A four-year-old reacts to ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’


Most of us adults have been exposed to Peanuts comic strips and cartoons since we were children. So by the time we become parents, we know exactly what to expect each time another Charlie Brown holiday special hits the air.

But for our kids, it’s a whole other story.

When our four-year-old daughter Sammy watched “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” for the very first time this Thanksgiving Eve, she entertained us with a truly fresh perspective on an old classic.

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Your kid talks funny, but not for long

In our last post, “Why mispronouncing words is good for your kid,” we talked about how flubbing up all sorts of speech sounds is a totally normal part of your child’s language development.

We even showed you this pretty cool chart that lets you know at which ages many common mispronunciations tend to disappear:


What did we tell you? Pretty cool, right?

Then we discovered a couple of really funny posts over on the Mommy Shorts blog featuring a whole bunch of words that have been “totally butchered by toddlers.” And that made us think that our handy-dandy chart would be the ideal tool for figuring out exactly when each of those adorably erroneous kid-ism would sadly be lost, forever replaced by the boring old correct pronunciations we adults have all mastered.

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Why mispronouncing words is good for your kid

Kids say the darnedest things. And when they’re still little, they usually say the most poorly enunciated things too.

pasghettiandmeatbulbsThe guy who wrote all those Family Circus comic strips back in the day made his entire living off this fact. Pasghetti and meat bulbs? Sounds like the perfect punch line to me!

But sometimes parents get a little stressed when their young kids mispronounce the words they’re trying to say, thinking that these errors are abnormal or that they might be warning signs of a permanent speech impediment.

If that sounds like you, you can probably relax. Odds are, you have nothing to worry about.

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Is my kid becoming too competitive?


Today’s question might just be the very best question the Doctor + Dad have ever received.

A competitive edge seems to have just popped up in my preschool-aged daughter and her buds. Like who’s the tallest, fastest, strongest, etc. What’s the deal with that?
– Ashleigh

Well Ashleigh, we know what you mean. Just like Charlie Sheen during a career-threatening psychological breakdown, our four-year-old daughter is pretty big into “winning” these days too.

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How to teach your kid a lesson he’ll never forget

Here at the Doctor and the Dad, we’re always giving parents tips for teaching stuff to their kids. But sometimes, children learn the most powerful lessons all by themselves.

Just ask our just-turned-two-year-old son.

castEarlier this week, mere days before his birthday, our fearless little Freddy pulled a naptime family first – he escaped from his crib.

We didn’t see it happen. But everybody in the house heard it. One great big thump, followed by lots (and lots) of crying.

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Playtime! Activity: Funny Faces

Think you always need flashcards, calculators and textbooks to teach stuff to your kid? Think again. As this fun activity shows you, all you really need are your faces!


Who It’s For: Kids of all ages

What They’ll Learn: Empathy, social skills, acting chops

What You Need: You and your kid, the ability to move your facial muscles

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Law & Order: Family Fib Division

This week our family hit a major milestone – our firstborn child told her first big lie. And you know what’s worse? She told it…to cover up a crime!


Looks like we got here…a hair too late.

The evidence was pretty damning. We started finding little clumps of cleanly snipped hair all over the house. In the bathroom sink. On the kitchen floor. Even at the bottom of the stairs. It looked like a regular mane massacre in there.

And we didn’t need an elite squad of highly intelligent and super-sexy DNA analysts to figure out whose hairs they were. The length and color of the samples could only match two members of the family – the Doctor, and our four-year-old daughter. And Mommy’s hair was currently looking like a Real Housewives reunion show…way too long, and in desperate need of a cut.

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