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Gender Ain’t Nothin’ But a Chromosome, Says GoldieBlox

Are you one of the approximately 85 billion people out there1 who have helped a recent YouTube commercial for GoldieBlox become a viral video sensation? In it, three young girls turn their entire house and all of its contents into an impressively elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, they sing a Beastie Boys song with new lyrics […]


Playtime! Activity: Doodle-y Noted

Who It’s For: Kids ages 3–10 What They’ll Learn: Memory techniques, symbol use What You Need: A standard “Memory” game featuring pairs of cards with matching pictures on them, some paper, and your kid’s favorite writing instrument

Research For 'Rents

First-borns are smarter Part 2: Act your age

Our last post gave you the real deal about birth order: First-born kids tend to have bigger vocabularies and higher IQs (mostly because they got a lot more one-on-one interaction with Mom and Dad back when they were the only game in town), while later-born kids tend to develop more creative and less verbal ways […]

Ask The Doctor and The Dad

Ask D+D: What is normal imaginative play?

Today, Megan asks an important question for anyone who has kids, ponies or dragons at home: My 36-month-old has gone from pretending she and her stuffed animals are cartoon characters (which gave us some laughs at first) to now assigning names like “Rainbow Dash” to handfuls of random kids she meets at the park, and […]