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Celebrity Parenting Strategies From Stephen Colbert

Ever feel like you’re letting your kids watch too much TV? Maybe that’s just because you’re letting them watch a bunch of terrible, mindless, garbage-y crapfests.

Or at least that’s how Stephen Colbert sees it.

Check out this clip of Stephen explaining why he lets his kids watch as much Mr. Peabody & Sherman as they want:

We know how Colbert feels when he says that being a comedian whose kids watch unfunny Disney Channel shows is “like a chef watching their child eat dirt.” As an expert in language and cognitive development, Amber can’t stand it when our kids watch shows that don’t even try to teach them anything. It makes her feel guilty, because she knows that spending the same time with the kids talking about absolutely anything would benefit their vocabularies more than watching TV.

And as an advertising writer, Andy cringes every time our daughter asks to skip the commercials. Actually, that’s not true. You have to skip commercials during kid’s shows, or else your impressionable little imp will demand every single product advertised.

Which is how we ended up owning two different stuffed animals that have flashlights poking out of their stomachs for some reason. (And why two of those disfigured freaks apparently isn’t enough. …Anybody know where we can pick up the penguin one for cheap?)

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