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Happy Father’s Day from our kids!


In honor of Father’s Day, our five-year-old daughter and two-and-a-half-year-old son have generously volunteered to write this week’s post so Daddy could have some much needed time off.

So take some time off yourself and enjoy the post they typed, the pictures they took, and the wise and wildly entertaining parenting advice they decided to share with everybody!

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A Mother’s Day present from our kids


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend! And the Doctor and the Dad’s incredibly thoughtful children decided to give Mommy an amazing gift this year:

They wrote this week’s blog post for her!

From typing on the computer, to taking photos, to dispensing some truly sage parenting advice, our two-and-a-half- and four-and-three-quarters-year-olds have totally got this blogging thing figured out already.

So to all your mothers out there, please do what we’re insisting the Doctor does right now – sit back, relax and enjoy our kids’ post!

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