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Is my kid becoming too competitive?


Today’s question might just be the very best question the Doctor + Dad have ever received.

A competitive edge seems to have just popped up in my preschool-aged daughter and her buds. Like who’s the tallest, fastest, strongest, etc. What’s the deal with that?
– Ashleigh

Well Ashleigh, we know what you mean. Just like Charlie Sheen during a career-threatening psychological breakdown, our four-year-old daughter is pretty big into “winning” these days too.

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Ask D+D: What is normal imaginative play?

Today, Megan asks an important question for anyone who has kids, ponies or dragons at home:

My 36-month-old has gone from pretending she and her stuffed animals are cartoon characters (which gave us some laughs at first) to now assigning names like “Rainbow Dash” to handfuls of random kids she meets at the park, and then chasing after them screaming, “Hurry! Hurry! We have to save you from the dragons!” Is this normal imaginative play, or certifiably crazy? Should I intervene and bring her back to reality?
– Megan

First of all, don’t worry about it. Andy’s grandmother used to call every single driver she saw on the road “George,” and that was when she was a 948-month-old. So for a child as young as your daughter, this kind of play is totally normal.

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