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What’s having three kids really like? UPDATED!

NOTE: This article was originally published when our third child was two weeks old. Now we’re updating it to let you know what it’s really like to have three kids…as we experience it! Keep reading to view the entire post in order, or click below to skip to your favorite section:


So the Doctor and the Dad recently had another baby. Which, if you’re keeping score at home, means we now have three – count ‘em three – kiddos to cuddle, care for, and contend with.

Before Niña Número Tres came along, we’d heard a lot of stories about what it was like going from having two kids to having three kids. Things like:

  • You’ll need to switch from playing man-to-man to playing a zone defense,
  • Even though you’re only adding 50% more kid, it feels about 500 times harder,
  • They’re totally going to gang up on you, and
  • Two? Three? What’s the difference? You’re gonna’ be just fine.

So now that we’ve actually taken this triple-offspring plunge ourselves, we decided to record some of our own experiences and observations as they happen, so that you too, can discover what having three kids is really like!

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