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D+D on PBS: Anatomy of the Perfect Toy

pbs parents - anatomy of the perfect toy

Toys. They’re everywhere these days. Although their natural habitat is a well-organized chest in your child’s room, they frequently migrate to places like the living room, kitchen table, the car, your bed and of course, directly under your feet in a dark hallway in the middle of the night.

What’s worse, new toys threaten to encroach upon your home environment all the time, as birthdays, holidays and random visits from grandma and grandpa often bring more and more of these parasitic playthings with them.

So how do parents like us know which of the thousands of toys out there are actually worth keeping (or buying in the first place)? Which ones will maintain our children’s interest, help them learn something, boost their problem-solving skills and inspire their creativity?

It isn’t as hard as it seems.

Just read our newest article on the PBS Parents website, and you’ll learn about five distinguishing characteristics that can help you spot the perfect toy in no time.

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Get your game on with D+D at PBS!


The Doctor and the Dad are back with another article on the PBS Parents website, and this one’s all about the big game. No, we’re not talking about the Super Bowl, going rhinoceros hunting, or this ridiculous looking Samuel L. Jackson movie.

We’re talking about the games your family plays together as part of a fun and unforgettable Family Game Night – and all the really BIG benefits they can give your kids!

Read our article to learn about which games can help your kids in areas like:

Motor Skills
Academic Achievement
Problem Solving
And Emotional Well-Being

Or just watch that Samuel L. Jackson movie to see a little boy shoot a bow and arrow at an airplane or something.

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“Bringing Back Family Game Night” by Amber and Andy Ankowski