Product Reviews

Product Review: Why we love our BabyBjörn

According to the Doctor: If you’re looking at this website, you already know exactly what a BabyBjörn baby carrier is. So I’m not going to waste our time describing it and how I use it. Instead, I’m just going to focus on explaining the reasons I love it.


Playtime! Activity: C&C Musing Factory

Who It’s For: Kids of all ages What They’ll Learn: Language skills What You Need: Toys that are similar in some ways, and different in others Want to know an easy way to help your baby start learning lots of words during playtime (without her even realizing it’s happening)? Then just keep a couple of “C” […]

Ask The Doctor and The Dad

Ask D+D: How do you get babies to sleep through the night?

Our first “Ask the Doctor (or the Dad)” question comes to us from a presumably sleep-deprived and bedhead-ridden mom named Heather: How do you get babies to sleep through the night? – Heather Thanks for the question, Heather. We assume you mean your babies, not the neighbor’s babies or some random babies from the next […]