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Law & Order: Family Fib Division

This week our family hit a major milestone – our firstborn child told her first big lie. And you know what’s worse? She told it…to cover up a crime!


Looks like we got here…a hair too late.

The evidence was pretty damning. We started finding little clumps of cleanly snipped hair all over the house. In the bathroom sink. On the kitchen floor. Even at the bottom of the stairs. It looked like a regular mane massacre in there.

And we didn’t need an elite squad of highly intelligent and super-sexy DNA analysts to figure out whose hairs they were. The length and color of the samples could only match two members of the family – the Doctor, and our four-year-old daughter. And Mommy’s hair was currently looking like a Real Housewives reunion show…way too long, and in desperate need of a cut.

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