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Building the perfect LEGOLAND vacation


Want to take your little ones on a fun theme park vacation this summer? Mickey Mouse isn’t the only game in town! Although we’ve enjoyed our family trips to Disneyland a couple of times in the past, we recently took our three kids to LEGOLAND for the first time – and it definitely won’t be our last!

Here are some tips and tricks we learned on our LEGOLAND visit that can help make yours a resounding success:

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How do you cure chronic diaper rash?

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...
I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

Today’s “Ask the Doctor and the Dad” question is a real pain in the butt:

My baby’s diaper rash won’t go away! I’ve tried over-the-counter creams like Butt Paste, Desitin and Aquaphor. Our pediatrician prescribed us a couple of different medicines and ointments to use, too. But nothing helps! How can I cure this chronic diaper rash?
– Heidi

Ouch, Heidi. We feel your (baby’s) pain.

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Happy parents give a s***

Over the past few weeks we’ve given you some cool, research-based tips for pumping up your parental happiness, like this one and this one and this one too. Today we’re giving you one more tip…because giving makes us happy!


You know how it feels to give someone a really great gift? You’ve gone out of your way to pick something you know they’re going to love. You anticipate them opening the gift even more than you anticipate opening any gifts of your own. And when they finally tear through all the tape and tissue paper and feast their eyes on your amazingly thoughtful surprise, the joyous look on their face makes you feel amazing!

That is exactly what today’s tip is all about.
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