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Childbirth, drugs and rock n’ roll


Our third baby is due to be born this weekend, so understandably, pain is on The Doctor’s mind right now.

Fortunately, a recent study from Northwestern University suggests a new method for treating it. This treatment comes with no dependency issues or side effects, and it doesn’t involve sitting on a rubber glove full of ice. And this miracle cure for coping with pain is…

…listening to music!

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Contrary to popular belief, writing a book is NOT AT ALL the same as having a baby


Writing a book is a pretty cool accomplishment. And if you’ve actually demonstrated the compassion and commitment it takes to pen 200-plus pages of somewhat sensical material on a single topic, you have every right to be proud.

So tell your family and friends. Tweet it to all your followers. Go on a talk show, shout it from the top of a mountain, spray paint it on the side of your car or hire a professional skywriter if you want.

Just please don’t compare it to having a baby.

People who’ve written something big seem to do this all the time – equating the oh-so-tortuous writing process to the act of giving birth. Or referring to the finished book itself as my baby.

But we’re not down with that.

Because now that we’ve done both things – having babies twice (with a third on the way) and writing our awesome new parenting book Think Like a Baby (which is officially on sale now!), we can tell you that these two experiences are NOTHING alike.

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