HBO’s ‘Trophy Kids’: File under “Yikes”

If you haven’t seen the HBO documentary State of Play: Trophy Kids because you’ve been too busy reading to, playing with and generally showing love and respect toward your children, you should check it out sometime.

It’s a fascinating look into a parenting technique – or should we say over-parenting technique – that you probably want to avoid.

On the one hand, watching these parents push their kids to become the best at the sports they play reminds us that our little ones are, in fact, capable of achieving great things. And sometimes, it’s easy to underestimate them – which only serves to sell them short.

On the other hand, most of the parents in this show just come off looking like self-absorbed a-holes who are concerned less with their kids’ emotional and physical wellbeing, and more with inflating their own egos.

So if you haven’t seen Trophy Kids because you’ve been too busy forcing your ten-year-old to shoot a thousand free throws every day, you need to watch it right now!

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