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Kid Joke Korner: A Toy Story

kid joke korner

Welcome to another installment of Kid Joke Korner, where the punch lines are plentiful and the spelling is krazy kute!

Because joking around with your kids is seriously good for their development, we like to crack wise with our kiddos all the time.

Each Kid Joke Korner features a real joke set-up that one of our children made up, along with our family’s guesses as to what the punch line might be. See if you can figure out how each joke really ends – or share your own punch line ideas in the comments!

So without further ado, here’s today’s Kid Joke Korner kid joke, “A Toy Story,” as told by Our Four-Year-Old Son:
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choking child

Do you know how to save a choking child?

choking child

People will tell you a lot of things you should do as a parent. Your dentist says you should bring your kids in for a checkup as soon as they sprout teeth, your sister says you should buy this particular brand of diaper rash cream, the nice old lady at the grocery store says you should spoil your kids because they’re only little once.

All of these shoulds are debatable. But here’s one that’s not:

You absolutely should know what to do if your child starts choking.

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the secret of life – and parenthood

The secret of life (and parenthood)

the secret of life – and parenthood

A friend of ours lost her father recently. Being Jewish, she invited mourners over to pay their respects at a shiva. Not being Jewish, we had never been to one of those before.

But it was a truly lovely evening – family and friends gathered together in her home, reciting traditional Hebrew prayers, singing traditional Hebrew songs and sharing heartfelt stories about their lost loved one (that part was in English, fortunately for us).

The rabbi leading the ceremony told one story that really stuck with us. It was about a time someone asked him to explain the secret of life. Via text message.

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tired family pics

The Third Annual Doctor+Dad Family Awards!

Everybody always warns us that the time we spend raising kids is going to fly by before we know it. And we believe them.

That’s why we make sure to hit the “pause” button at least once a year, taking some time to look back at some of the sweetest, silliest moments from the past twelve months of our family’s life.

We did it in 2014, we did it in 2015, and we’re doing it again right now. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here are the winners of the third annual Doctor+Dad Family Awards!
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Santa says Shhhh

Should you tell your kids the truth about Santa?

Santa says Shhhh
WARNING: The following article is NSFK (Not Safe For Kids). Children, please stop reading this immediately, and go clean your rooms. Santa’s watching…

While scrolling through our Facebook feeds recently, an alarming headline from The Guardian caught our eye:

Belief in Santa could affect parent-child relationships, warns study

We responded the same way any thoughtful, concerned and loving parents (who have also been telling their kids to believe in Santa Claus their entire lives) would:

“Huh? No!”

“What have we done to our precious children?!”

“Our family is doomed! Doomed, I tell you!”


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think like a baby book cover ankowski

The very best gift for parents EVER!

NOTE: This article was originally posted on December 3, 2015. It’s been updated to include a NEW discount code for 2016. Enjoy!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, birthday present or baby shower gift to buy a parent you know?

Well we already told you about the second-best gift you can give to parents – so there’s certainly no shame in getting somebody one of those.

But if you really want to wow all the child-rearers on your shopping list, you need to go for the gold, shoot for the stars, spare no expense and get the very best gift any parent could ever hope for.

(And no, we’re not talking about an offer to babysit so they can finally have a diaper-, mess- and whine-free night out. Although now that we’ve typed it, that sounds like a pretty good option too.)

We’re talking about the one and only, VERY BEST gift for parents EVER…

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